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Upper Neuse River Basin Association

Mobilizing water quality stewardship throughout the Basin


The Upper Neuse River Basin is comprised of 770 square miles of area that drain to Falls Lake. The Upper Neuse River Basin Association (UNRBA) is a non-profit organization comprised of local governments and utilities in the Falls Lake basin. The UNRBA promotes innovative approaches to water quality planning and management.

Falls Lake Provides Many Benefits

Falls Lake is a tremendous asset to the Triangle region. The US Army Corps of Engineers constructed this reservoir to protect downstream areas from flood damage. The lake also serves as a drinking water supply, a place of recreation and relaxation, and a habitat for fish and wildlife.


Protection of Falls Lake is Critical

UNRBA members are finding better ways to protect and improve water quality in Falls Lake and the Upper Neuse Basin. The Association invested $11 million to study the lake and the watershed between 2011 and 2023. In 2018, the UNRBA worked with watershed stakeholders to develop a new approach for nutrient management.  

Based on these efforts, the UNRBA has developed a concepts and principles document describing recommendations for an updated Falls Lake nutrient management strategy and revised Falls Lake Rules. These recommendations are based on updated science and extensive stakeholder input. The Association also developed a focused set of consensus principles to guide the Falls Lake Rules readoption process. Please visit the UNRBA Resource Library for work products describing the planning efforts, underlying scientific studies, stakeholder workshops, and key findings of the UNRBA’s efforts.

Features of the UNRBA Recommendations

  • Work together
  • Implement projects
  • Spend wisely
  • Protect forests and natural lands
  • Develop science-based policies
  • Provide flexibility
  • Adapt to new information

Get Involved

Now the UNRBA has completed its recommendations and consensus principles, it will support the State of North Carolina in its readoption of the Falls Lake Rules.

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